This is the program of the SOHOMA Latin America 2020 workshop to be held online on January 27 and 28, 2021. Click here for PDF File


The Workshop will be organised on Microsoft Teams. Each registered participant will receive an invitation from this platform in order to connect to the workshop. Please be sure that you downloaded the proper software and you are able to connect. We highly recommend check you connection to the platform before the workshop dates to avoid any unpleasant inconveniences. Please contact organisers if you need any assistance.

It will be created a specific group for the entire conference on the online platform (Microsoft Teams),. Within this group, you will find several channels according to the sessions and plenary session.  


Program SOHOMA Latin America 2020

DAY 1 - JANUARY 27, 2021

7:30 AM     OPENING SESSION (30 Minutes)

8:00 AM.    Plenary Session (60 Minutes)

Paulo Leitão - Full Professor, Instituto Politécnico de Bragança

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9:00 AM     FIRST BREAK (10 Minutes)

9:10 AM     Session W.1.1 - Technology 4.0

Machine Vision for Collaborative Robotics Using Synthetic Data-Driven Learning

Juan Camilo Martínez-Franco and David Alvarez-Martinez


Optimizing Maintenance Policies of Computed Tomography Scanners with Stochastic Failures

Andrés Felipe Cardona Ortegon and William J. Guerrero

FarmBot Simulator: towards a Virtual Environment for Scaled Precision Agriculture

Victor Alexander Murcia, Juan Felipe Palacios and Giacomo Barbieri

9:10 AM.    Session W.1.2: People and industry in the age of Society 5.0

Location-Routing for a UAV-Based Recognition System in Humanitarian Logistics: Case Study of Rapid Mapping

Paula Saavedra, Alejandro Pérez Franco and William J. Guerrero

A Local Search Algorithm for the Assignment and Work Balance of a Health Unit

Néstor Díaz-Escobar, Pamela Rodríguez, Verónica Semblantes, Robert Taylor, Daniel Morillo Torres and Gustavo Gatica

Ensuring ethics of cyber-physical and human systems: a guideline

Damien Trentesaux

10:10 AM.    SECOND BREAK (10 Minutes)

10:20 AM.    Session W.2.1: Smart Production Control for Industry 4.0

Development of a predictive process monitoring methodology in a self-organized manufacturing system

Luna Lovera Abella, Nestor Rodriguez, Laura Lopez, Geraldine Martinez,

Jose-Fernando Jimenez and Hugo Aguirre Mayorga

A GEMMA-based Decentralized Architecture for Smart Production Systems

Jose Daniel Hernandez, David Andres Gutierrez and Giacomo Barbieri

A Hybrid Control Architecture for an Automated Storage and Retrieval System

Andres-Camilo Rincon, Daniel-Rolando Rodriguez, Yenny Alexandra Paredes-Astudillo and Jose-Fernando Jimenez

10:20 AM      Session W.2.2: Multi-agent systems, digital twins & Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Data Generation with Language Models for Imbalanced Classification in Maintenance

Juan Pablo Usuga-Cadavid, Bernard Grabot, Samir Lamouri and Arnaud Fortin

Digital Twin in Water Supply Systems to Industry 4.0: The Holonic Production Unit

Juan Cardillo Albarrán, Edgar Chacón, Luis Alberto Cruz Salazar and Yenny Alexandra Paredes Astudillo

A multi-agent optimization approach to determine a farmers’ market locations in Bogotá city, Colombia

Daniela Granados and Gonzalo Mejía

DAY 2 - JANUARY 28, 2021


8:00 AM       Plenary Session 

Simón Tamayo - Data Science Specialist, McKinsey & Company

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9:00 AM.    FIRST BREAK (10 Minutes)

9:10 AM.    Session T.1.1: Logistics and Supply Chain I

Connectivity through Digital Supply Chain Management: A comprehensive literature review

Iván Henao-Hernández, Andrés Muñoz Villamizar and Elyn Lizeth Solano Charris

Cyber-Physical Systems in Logistics/Supply Chain

Erika Suárez-Riveros, Álvaro Mejía-Mantilla, Sonia Jaimes-Suárez and Jose-Fernando Jimenez

A survey on components of AR interfaces to aid packing operations

Guillermo Camacho-Muñoz, Sandra Esperanza Nope Rodriguez and Humberto Loaiza-Correa

9:10 AM.    Session T.1.2: Digitalization of design and planning activities

Implementation of a holonic product-based platform for increased flexibility in production planning.

Patricio Saez and Carlos Herrera

A novel analysis framework of 4.0 production planning approaches

Estefania Tobon Valencia, Samir Lamouri, Robert Pellerin and Alexandre Moeuf

A survey about BIM interoperability and collaboration between design and construction

Léa Sattler, Samir Lamouri, Robert Pellerin, Thomas Paviot, Dominique Deneux and Thomas Maigne

10:10 AM     SECOND BREAK (10 Minutes)

10:20 AM.    Session T.2.1: Logistics and Supply Chain II

Multiobjetive LP model for supply chain management of perishable products in a diary company

Sara Alayon  

Managing disruptions in supply chains

Jairo R. Montoya-Torres

Airline Workforce Scheduling based on Multi-agent Systems

Juan Camilo Chafloque Mesia, Julio Andres Mejia Vera, Nicolas Ceballos Aguilar, Gabriel Mauricio Zambrano Rey and Mohamed Rabie Nait-Abdallah

10:20 AM.    Session T.2.2: Optimization

A Mixed-Integer Linear Model for Solving the Open Shop Scheduling Problem

Daniel Morillo Torres and Gustavo Gatica

On the complexity of the Collaborative Joint Replenishment Problem

Carlos Otero-Palencia, Jairo R Montoya-Torres and René Amaya-Mier

Hybrid model for Making Decision Methods in Wireless Sensor Networks

Martha Torres and Virgilio González

11:20 AM.    CLOSING SESSION (20 minutes)